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HERON River Walk debuts NCDR data

Search for data used to measure and improve quality of cardiovascular care at KUMC with the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR) data in HERON. The NCDR is used to answer questions regarding patient ...

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HERON Calhoun includes O2 billing diagnosis

O2 billing diagnosis is the latest addition to diagnosis modifiers in the HERON Calhoun release. Other diagnosis modifiers include IDX/UHC billing and O2 clinical. Modifiers can be used to narrow your search for a more precise patient set.

Medic ...

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HERON Jamestown includes drug-drug interaction best practice alerts

Query how many people had a drug-drug interaction best practice alert with the HERON Jamestown release. Go to Alerts -> Med Interaction Checking -> Drug-Drug -> Alphabetic folder based on the first letter of the alert description (e.g., M for !Metfor ...

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HERON Quivira reinstates the Human Subjects Training check and presents email flags

HERON Quivira release checks the new CITI Human Subjects Training program. If your training has lapsed, you will have until July 1, 2015 to co ...

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HERON Cheyenne Bottoms maps laboratory tests to LOINC

LOINC codes are universal identifiers used to facilitate the sharing of laboratory data for research, outcomes management, and clinical care. The Cheyenne Bottoms release includes two folders for labs: LOINC and Hospital. While t ...

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KU BMI Presentations includes materials and used to communicate our mission.

Our work in progress includes:

Other informatics efforts at the University of Kansas include:

For a good introduction to biomedical informatics, we recommend the National Library of Medicine's Course: Medical Informatics.

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