Welcome to the Division of Medical Informatics at KU Medical Center


HERON Arkansas release includes new discharge and risk pool data

Discharge disposition information is available in the HERON Arkansas release. New risk pool codes for roughly 1000 patients are added to HERON. The new codes are found in the University HealthSystem Consortium folder.

HERON Arkansas Contents …

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HERON Beaver release includes outpatient clinical services and negative microbiology improvements

Searching clinical services in HERON is no longer limited to inpatient with the introduction of ambulatory clinical services in the Beaver release. To search on a specific outpatient clinical service, go to Visit Details -> Clinical Services -> Outp ...

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KUMC receives PCORI award to lead Greater Plains Collaborative

The  Greater Plains Collaborative award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) provides $7 million for a project that will establish a new network of nine medical cente ...

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HERON Lovewell improves navigation and fixes Frontiers patient count issue

HERON Lovewell release facilitates navigation by introducing changes to the abridged Cancer Cases Identifier structure. Date ranges are added to AJCC concepts, and folders are rearranged into an intuitive order. The issue of inaccurate Frontiers Rese ...

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HERON Toronto update powered by newer, faster hardware and load process

With HERON Toronto we are on newer and faster hardware. Users will likely notice faster query response times. We have also streamlined our monthly process of loading data from various sources into HERON so that we can deliver the data to users faster ...

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 KU BMI Presentations includes materials and used to communicate our mission.

Our work in progress includes:

The Division of Medical Informatics is part of the  Department of Biostatistics.

Other informatics efforts at the University of Kansas include:

For a good introduction to biomedical informatics, we recommend the National Library of Medicine's Course:  Medical Informatics.