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HERON Lizard improves data quality & aligns data nationally

HERON Lizard improves data quality & aligns data nationally

  • Data is now current through November 2017. There was a lag in data as the health system upgraded EPIC. We will work diligently to keep HERON data as fresh as possible.
  • ...

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HERON Dora add detailed Frontiers Flag and 10 years of Trauma Data

HERON Dora includes updates to the Frontiers Research Participant Registry information. Frontiers is a recruitment registry of patients at KUMC who have agreed to be contacted for research. Researchers are able to search for patients in the registry ...

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HERON Wolf adds UHC Total and Direct Cost for Identified Requests

With HERON Wolf it is now possible to get UHC Total and Direct cost associated with Ambulatory and Inpatient encounters in an identified DUA Request.

Need help with HERON? [ Join the Frontiers Lunch and Learn ...

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HERON Alice updates Procedures for multi-site targeted cancer therapy study

In support of the Greater Plains Collaborative (GPC) work on a targeted cancer therapy study, we have filled in gaps in the HERON Procedure folder by updating the CPT hierarchy.

This effort also helps us prepare for SHRI ...

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HERON Ashburger Prepares KUMC for PCORNet Data Refresh

The HERON Ashburger release helps KUMC prepare for the quarterly PCORNet CDM data refresh and includesthefollownoteworthyupdates to HERON:

  • HERON base hierarchy folders have been renamed for clarity and consistency
  • Tooltips included on base fol ...

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KU BMI Presentations includes materials and used to communicate our mission.

Our work in progress includes:

Other informatics efforts at the University of Kansas include:

For a good introduction to biomedical informatics, we recommend the National Library of Medicine's Course: Medical Informatics.

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