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HERON McMillan Marsh improves IDX/O2 encounter mapping and introduces Alerts

Looking for medications prescribed at an outpatient surgery visit? Want to limit patients with an outpatient surgery to those with a specific diagnosis at the time of surgery? Now you can. HERON McMillan Marsh maps IDX and O2 encounters resulting ...

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HERON Webster release finely tunes data fulfillment and fixes search timeout issue

HERON searches would stop running and appear as processing indefinitely once timed out (~180 seconds). HERON Webster release fixes the issue. Once a search times out, it will continue to search in the background. Check the query in your previou ...

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HERON turns 45 with the Kanopolis Release and includes temporal query reuse fix and new concept, IDX Place of Service

The HERON Kanopolis release marks the 45th update to HERON. Over the past 46 months, HERON has grown in terms of data and functionality. Temporal Queries, ability to filter searches through modifiers, and improvements to the Timeline tool are just ...

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HERON Verdigris: Search laboratory tests by reference ranges

Don't know the exact reference ranges for a certain lab? No problem since you can search a subset of HERON labs by High, Low, or Normal ranges. To search lab ranges:

  • Drag a lab into the search group. The value window will display if a value e ...

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HERON Saline Release integrates 1.6 billion observations from 8 data sources

The HERON Saline release includes data from the KU Hospital EMR, tumor registry etc. through September, 2014.

Having trouble creating complex searches in HERON? Seeking support for your grant or proposal? Note [/blog/2014-mi-support HERON Team of ...

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KU BMI Presentations includes materials and used to communicate our mission.

Our work in progress includes:

Other informatics efforts at the University of Kansas include:

For a good introduction to biomedical informatics, we recommend the National Library of Medicine's Course: Medical Informatics.

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