AMIA 2011: Nursing Flowsheets data and the wild west of terminology

Like a number of other CTSA sites, we're Using I2B2 in our HERON research data respository. The original domain of I2B2 was genome/phenome integration and personalized medicine. Genomic stuff is on our long-term radar, but one of our earliest wins has been mining the vast amount of data (~400M observations as of our latest release) recorded by nurses and other practitioners in flowsheets in our EMR.

Height, weight, and BMI are quite common inclusion/exclusion criteria for clinical trials, and those aren't available in the term hierarchy that comes with I2B2 out of the box.

It's been a big challenge because unlike diagnoses with ICD9 codes and procedures with CPT codes, the MedicalTerminologyMarketplace has no widespread norms for flowsheets.

We're presenting some results in Washington D.C. on Wednesday at AMIA 2011:

Stay tuned to KUBMIPresentations for presentation materials.

p.s. I'm new to AMIA. As a long-time Web guy, there's a bit of culture shock: the conference program only seems to be available as a big hunk of PDF or a goofy mobile flash thing, and the "Join the conversation on twitter" box inside gives the hash tag as AMIA2011#, with the hash at the end. Chuckle. And no open-access to the full text of the article. Sigh.


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