Automatically populating REDCap fields from earlier forms

In our work on the Alzheimers Disease Core Center, we had information entered into one REDCap form that we wanted to see in another.

REDCap doesn't offer this out of the box, so we added a little code (attachment:calc_text.patch ; #569). The way it works is a little quirky:

  1. In the usual REDCap fashion,
    1. Make a new field
    2. Choose Calculated Field for Field Type.
    3. Put the name of the source field in square brackets in the Calculation Equation. For example, [last_name]
  2. Now for the quirk: start the Variable Name for this new automatically populated field with
    • text_ for a single-line text field; for example: text_display_last_name
    • textarea_ for a multi-line text area.

OK, so using the variable name like this is sort of cheating, but hey... it seems to work for now.

If you would like us to show it to you in person, feel free to come to our FrontiersInformaticsClinic, which meets today at 4pm in Dykes 410. If today doesn't work, we're there every other Tuesday. Check the KUMC calendar.

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