HERON Pawnee release paves the way to a richer data repository

Our Pawnee release is the first to use i2b2 1.6. This allows us to take advantage of i2b2 1.6 features in future releases:

  • visit information, such as length of stay, age at visit
  • provider information
  • primary diagnosis vs secondary; billing vs clinical
  • medication routes, frequency

We are still in the process of re-verifying data integrity and functionality after the upgrade, so consider these statistics provisional:

i2b2 464M
Demographics 14.1M 1.88M
HICTR Participant 7.65K 7.65K
Diagnoses 17.5M 578K
Flowsheet 328M
Labtests 68.3M 244K
Medications 27.0M 99K
Procedures 9.2M 527K
Specimens 24.1K 2.56K

Note: our statistics regarding total number of flowsheet observations is reduced significantly from 470 million to 328 million. We are investigating the cause as the we think the data is intact (see ticket #789). Please give us feedback if you notice discrepancies with any prior queries where the counts are down significantly relative to last month's build.

Notice in the right hand side of the user interface that i2b2 1.6 allows you constrain observations to the same encounter. For example, you might require that patients have drug exposure (furosemide) and laboratory monitoring (serum potassium) during the same encounter while another observation like "diagnosis of diabetes" can be treated independently of encounter. Right now, we are not sure we have this working (see defect #790) but we are looking into it.

This release also fixed several outstanding bugs:

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