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HERON Update Integrates UKP Clinic data with KUH Hospital Data

This second beta release of the HERON repository includes billing diagnoses and procedures from the UKP clinics (ClinicIdxSource), integrated with data from the hospital (HospitalEpicSource) (#306). The data is current through February 2011 for both sources.

This release also supports querying by whether a patient is in the HICTR participant registry (#155).

HERON Contents Summary

The repository contains approximately 300 million real observations from the hospital and clinics.

This is down from 470 million due to a defect in the way nursing flowsheet was loaded (#456). We will fix this defect in our next release which will incorporate April data.

Facts/Patients Source Go-Live Snapshot Issues
Demographics 10M/1.8M
KUH Billing (O2 via SMS) 1980s Feb 2011 various*
UKP Billing 2000 Feb 2011
Diagnoses (IDC9) 14M/521K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Feb 2011 various*
UKP Billing 2000 Feb 2011
Medications 20M/70K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Feb 2011 various*
Nursing Observations 217M*/?
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Feb 2011 various*
Lab Results 28M/132K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Feb 2011 various*
Procedures (CPT) 8.4M/491K
UKP Billing 2000 Feb 2011

Beta Disclaimer

We are providing this early access to obtain feedback from you, the research community. While we are actively working on validating the data loaded into the system with hospital and clinic technical staff, there may be problems with our translation of data from our source systems (HospitalEpicSource and ClinicIdxSource) into HERON.

Please email us at if you discover information you believe may be erroneous.

We are actively working on enhancing the types of data included. Stay tuned to our roadmap to track progress toward upcoming releases.

Various Issues Still Apply

Keep in mind the issues noted in the previous HERON update notice.

Status of Problems/Bugs

Problems/Bugs addressed in this milestone

No results

Outstanding Problems/Defects/Issues

constraining birth-date by date doesn't work - HERON uses sysdate for start_date in demographics
Saved searches not updated in REDCap projects after Arkansas release

Completed tasks, Resolved Design Issues

For a more detailed account of the development of this release, see milestone:heron-update.