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Social Security Death Index integration expands vital statistics available in HERON

The Department of Biostatistics is excited to provide for you linkage between our clinical and administrative records and the Social Secuity Death Master File released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Previously, we only had record that a patient was deceased based upon follow up at KUH/UKP or if they died while cared for at KUH/UKP (23,850 patients indicated as "Deceased" within the "Demographics" ontology). Now we have an additional indicator that the patient has died based upon records reported to the federal government (177,706 patients indicated as "Deceased per SSA" within the "Demographics" ontology).

Note, we currently are matching patients based upon an exact match of their social security number AND their date of birth.

We think this will be a powerful addition which will allow preliminary hypotheses generation regarding mortality rates between different patient cohorts. In the future we might hope to provide analysis plugins that calculate routine survival analysis.

For a neurlogical example: HERON has 1356 patients who've ever been diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS aka Lou Gehrig's disease) at KUMC since 2000. Of those, the hospital knew 206 had died. Now that we can also check the social security administration, we know that 821 have died.

Using i2b2 Timeline and other analysis plug-ins in HERON

We recently worked out the technical and regulatory issues to take you beyond counting to detailed analysis of the data in HERON (#314).

Consider this example from my recent Internal Medicine Research Committee Presentation on HERON:

To access these capabilities, choose to check the box to also create a "patient set" when you run your query. Then, use the analysis tools tab at the top which takes you to a series of i2b2 plugins. We have found that the "Demographics (1 Patient Set)", "Demographics (2 Patient Sets)", and "Timeline" plugins to be very illuminating.

Stay tuned for more training materials or join us at the bi-weekly informatics clinic for help.

Analysis tools, Social Security Death Index, 50% more Labs arrive as HERON visits Cheney Lake

This month, the release of our HERON research data repository honors Cheney Lake. In addition to our regularly monthly refresh of the data, we're excited about the three big enhancements in this release:

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Unfortunately, we broke something so we know longer know race regarding our population (#637). That data was suspect so we will be exploring how to incorporate race and ethnicity with greater fidelity.

Join us at the Frontiers Clinical/Translational Informatics Clinic for full demonstration and discussion. The next one is Tuesday, Oct 4 at 4pm in 1040 Dykes Library.

Meanwhile, see:

Contents Summary: 50% more Labs

The HERON repository contains approximately 516 million real observations from the hospital and clinics:

Observation Patients Source Go-Live Snapshot Issues
Demographics 14.7M 1.87M
KUH Billing (O2 via SMS) 1980s Aug 2011 various*
UKP Billing 2000 Aug 2011
6.09K 6.09K Frontiers participant registry Jun 2009 Aug 2011
Diagnoses (IDC9) 16.7M 558K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Aug 2011 various*
UKP Billing 2000 Aug 2011
Medications 245.0M 91K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Aug 2011 various*
Nursing Observations 386M ?
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Aug 2011 various*
Lab Results 65.2M 234K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Aug 2011 various*
Procedures (CPT) 8.94M 515K
UKP Billing 2000 Aug 2011
All 516M

We have loaded was was referred to in O2/Epic as "conversion labs". These were lab results recorded prior to Epic system implementation from 2004 through 2007. Note that because we shift dates back in time (0 to 365 days) for de-identifcation, some of these results in HERON are noted as resulted in 2003. The table below provides a comparison of laboratory results by year for our current Cheney release versus last month's release

Year Cottonwood (last month) Cheney (current)
2011- release date 13,905 16,886
2010- 2011 51,722 53,173
2009- 2010 50,405 50,449
2008- 2009 45,864 45,830
2007- 2008 33,265 38,757
2006- 2007 3,484 35,358
2005- 2006 0 32,447
2004- 2005 0 30,018
2003- 2004 0 16,886
2002- 2003 0 3
2001- 2002 0 0

Beta Disclaimer

We are providing this early access to obtain feedback from you, the research community. While we are actively working on validating the data loaded into the system with hospital and clinic technical staff, there may be problems with our translation of data from our source systems (HospitalEpicSource and ClinicIdxSource) into HERON. Please email us at if you discover information you believe may be erroneous. We are actively working on enhancing the types of data included. Stay tuned to our roadmap to track progress toward upcoming releases.

Various Issues Still Apply

Keep in mind the issues noted in the original HERON beta notice, including:

Problems/Defects/Issues Addressed in this Release

no major issues.

Outstanding Problems/Defects/Issues

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