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HERON Elk City updates to i2b2 v1.6.07 and includes Ambulatory Nursing Documentation and Orders

The Elk City HERON release includes an upgrade to the i2b2 software version 1.6.07. Width of the Query Tool and Navigate Terms workspaces can be resized by dragging the vertical bar between the areas. Query within query fixed to provide correct patient numbers. We have also incorporated nursing/multidisciplinary flowsheet data from the ambulatory clinics (an additional 20 million facts) as well as procedure orders (from 54 million to 110 million).  For the flowsheet data, check out the "UKP" folder and the "KU AMB" and "KU GEN CARD" subfolders under "KU" in the ontology for many of the new types of data now exposed by HERON for clinic visits.  This release also includes many fixes behind the scenes not visible through the interface.

Note that this month, the Smart Data elements contained within physician notes were not loaded due to a data inconsistency detected by our loading process. We are investigating the root cause but do not want this fairly new data source to delay the release of the database for this month. See ticket 1516 for details.

HERON Elk City Contents Summary

This month, our tour of rivers and lakes in Kansas honors Elk City Reservoir.

The HERON repository contains approximately 955 million real observations from the hospital, clinics, and research systems:

Observation Patients Source Go-Live Snapshot Issues
Demographics 18.5M 1.94M
KUH Billing (O2 via SMS) 1980s Nov 2012 various*
UKP Billing 2000 Nov 2012
14.3K 14.3K Frontiers participant registry Jun 2009 Nov 2012
186.6K 186.6K Social Security Death Index 1962 Nov 2012
Diagnoses (IDC9) 34.7M 649K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Nov 2012 various*
UKP Billing 2000 Nov 2012
University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) Q4 2008 June 2012
Medications 77.2M 295K
KUH/O2/Epic (Organized by VA Class) Nov 2007 Nov 2012 various*
Nursing Observations 557M ?
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Nov 2012 various*
Lab Results 81.6M 285K
KUH/O2/Epic 2003 Nov 2012 various*
Procedure Orders 110M 436K
KUH/O2/Epic 2003 (?) Nov 2012 various*
Procedures (CPT) 10.5M 574K
UKP Billing 2000 Nov 2012
Reports/Notes 9.5M 222K
KUH/O2/Epic ? Nov 2012
Specimens 41.9K 3.63K
KUMC Biospecimen Repository ? Nov 2012
Visit Details 14.5M 521K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 Nov 2012 #1514
Cancer Cases 9.7M 66K #1600
KUH Cancer Registry 1950s Nov 2012 labels*
Hospital Quality Metrics 4.12M 60.9K
University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) Q4 2008 June 2012
Triple Negative Breast Cancer Registry (BRCA) 17.8K 133
REDCap July 2011 Sept 2012
All 955M


Some material in the UMLS Metathesaurus is from copyrighted sources of the respective copyright holders. Users of the UMLS Metathesaurus are solely responsible for compliance with any copyright, patent or trademark restrictions and are referred to the copyright, patent or trademark notices appearing in the original sources, all of which are hereby incorporated by reference.

Beta Disclaimer

We are providing this early access to obtain feedback from you, the research community. While we are actively working on validating the data loaded into the system with hospital and clinic technical staff, there may be problems with our translation of data from our source systems (HospitalEpicSource and ClinicIdxSource) into HERON.

Please email us at if you discover information you believe may be erroneous.

We are actively working on enhancing the types of data included. Stay tuned to our roadmap to track progress toward upcoming releases.

Various Issues Still Apply

Keep in mind the issues noted in the original HERON beta notice, including:

Enhancements and Problems/Defects/Issues Addressed in this Release

multicohort survival analysis plugin
HERON patients seem to age after they die
drag-and-drop entrance criteria, outcome, censor for survival analysis plug-in
Query HERON procedure orders by inpatient/outpatient modifiers
some detailed diagnoses from Epic are hidden under ICD9 leaves
flatten top of UMLS ICD9 Diagnosis hierarchy
Harvest ambulatory nursing flowsheet data
names in HERON "reports" hierarchy are long and redundant
Explosion of diagnosis codes leads to poor performance

Outstanding Problems/Defects/Issues