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HERON Jamestown includes drug-drug interaction best practice alerts

Query how many people had a drug-drug interaction best practice alert with the HERON Jamestown release. Go to Alerts -> Med Interaction Checking -> Drug-Drug -> Alphabetic folder based on the first letter of the alert description (e.g., M for Metformin/Cimetidine)

Register for the 3rd Annual HERON Fishing Trip, a training workshop

Date: July 16, 2015, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM CST

Location: Dykes Library, Room G026

What to expect Workshop will include both classroom and hands-on trainings. Topics for discussion:

  • Data types within HERON
  • Temporal and advanced search capabilities
  • Analysis tools within HERON
  • Data requests: RRRC and DROC
  • Modifiers to narrow your search
  • Data delivery and integration

Can't make the Fishing Trip? Join the Frontiers Lunch and Learn which meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month from 12:00 - 1:30 PM in room 3001D Student Center. Register in advance if possible but drop-ins are welcome.

Any publication that results from a project utilizing HERON should cite grant support (CTSA Award # UL1TR000001).

HERON Jamestown Contents Summary

This month, our tour of rivers and lakes in Kansas honors the Jamestown Wildlife Area.

The HERON repository contains approximately 1.9 billion real observations from the hospital, clinics, and research systems:

Observation Patients Source Go-Live Snapshot Issues
Alerts 17.3M 419K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 May 2015
Allergy 593K 266K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 May 2015 various*
Cancer Cases 11.9M 79.2K
KUH Cancer Registry 1950s May 2015 labels*
Cardiology Labs 25.3M 357K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 May 2015
Demographics 25.2M 2.12M
KUH Billing (O2 via SMS) 1980s May 2015 various*
UKP Billing 2000 May 2015
34.9K 34.9K Frontiers participant registry Jun 2009 May 2015
198.4K 198.4K Social Security Death Index 1962 May 2015
Diagnoses (IDC9) 78.8M 829K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 May 2015 various*
UKP Billing 2000 May 2015
University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) Q4 2008 Feb 2015
History 39.8M 465K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 May 2015
Lab Results 165M 392K
KUH/O2/Epic 2003 May 2015 various*
Medications 201M 475K
KUH/O2/Epic (Organized by VA Class) Nov 2007 May 2015 various*
Microbiology 3.72M 32.2K
KUH/O2/Epic 2003 (?) May 2015 various*
850K 131K Negative 2003 May 2015
12.6K 9.1K Positive 2003 May 2015
Nursing Observations 928M ?
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 May 2015 various*
Procedure Orders 192M 599K
KUH/O2/Epic 2003 (?) May 2015 various*
Procedures (CPT) 14.7M 716K
UKP Billing 2000 May 2015
REDCap 1.19M 49.2K
REDCap July 2011 May 2015
Reports/Notes 79.8M 449K
KUH/O2/Epic ? May 2015
Specimens 136K 9.6K
KUMC Biospecimen Repository ? May 2015
Visit Details 91M 99K
KUH/O2/Epic Nov 2007 May 2015
Hospital Quality Metrics 8.13M 104K
University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) Q4 2008 Feb 2015 #2911
All 1.94B


Some material in the UMLS Metathesaurus is from copyrighted sources of the respective copyright holders. Users of the UMLS Metathesaurus are solely responsible for compliance with any copyright, patent or trademark restrictions and are referred to the copyright, patent or trademark notices appearing in the original sources, all of which are hereby incorporated by reference.

Misuse of the Limited Access Death Master File, NTIS, U.S. Department of Commerce data is subject to penalties under provisions of 15 CFR § 1110.200.

Beta Disclaimer

We are providing this early access to obtain feedback from you, the research community. While we are actively working on validating the data loaded into the system with hospital and clinic technical staff, there may be problems with our translation of data from our source systems (HospitalEpicSource and ClinicIdxSource) into HERON.

Please email us at if you discover information you believe may be erroneous.

We are actively working on enhancing the types of data included. Stay tuned to our roadmap to track progress toward upcoming releases.

Various Issues Still Apply

Keep in mind the issues noted in the original HERON beta notice, including:

Enhancements and Problems/Defects/Issues Addressed in this Release

Due to in-progress trac access policy issues, this section may be blank for a time.

Exception report framework to replace tests that halt ETL
Query by drug-drug interaction alert description (BPA)
identified data with MRN only; no contact info

Outstanding Problems/Defects/Issues