Health of the Public poster session shows time-saving benefits of Informatics Tools

The most recent Health of the Public (HOP) student poster session in April provided another glimpse into student research at KUMC. I am continually impressed by the hard work of these students to create a project, collect data, analyze the data, and present within four weeks. The best part of the HOP poster sessions, for me, is speaking with the students to learn how they employ our informatics tools, what worked or didn’t, and seeing the impact of our tools on student research in general. In this session, the majority of the posters mentioned REDCap, and a few highlighted HERON. Many students praised our tools and in particular, the time saved in collecting and analyzing the data. Each poster session presents new questions regarding public health, new ways in which the data is collected and analyzed, and an increased role for informatics tools. I am looking forward to seeing what the next poster session in October holds.


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