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1NOTE WELL: The files in this curated_data directory are not part of
2the HERON open source codebase. They are copyright by their respective
5 - age_terms.csv: derived from i2b2 demo data
7 - BSR_simple_ontology.csv: Derived from KUMC Biospecimen repository
8   data; used with permission
10 - epic_test_patients.csv: Derived from work by the University of
11   Kansas Hospital; used with permission
13 - family_history_terms.csv: Derived from work by the University of
14   Kansas Hospital; used with permission
16 - idx_extra_pat.csv: Derived from work by The University of
17   Kansas Physicians; used with permission
19 - local-labs.csv: Derived from work by the University of
20   Kansas Hospital; used with permission
22 - school_districts.csv: Developed by KUMC Informatics for local use:
24 - seer_recode_terms.csv: derived from; used with permission
26 - zips_near_66160.csv: Dervied from Geonames data.  Geonames data is
27   licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.  This
28   means you can use the dump as long as you give credit to geonames
29   (a link# on your website to is ok) see
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