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1gunzip --stdout clarity-Aug.dmp.gz | imp clarity/clarity file=/dev/stdin GRANTS=N INDEXES=N 'TABLES = (clarity_medication, clarity_ser, concept_category, identity_id, ip_data_store, ip_flo_cust_list, ip_flo_gp_data, ip_flo_measure, ip_flt_comps, ip_flt_data, ip_flwsht_meas,ip_flwsht_rec, order_disp_meds, order_med, order_proc, order_results, pat_enc, pat_enc_dx, patient, zc_country, zc_county, zc_language, zc_lmp_other, zc_marital_status, zc_med_unit, zc_order_type, zc_patient_race, zc_patient_status, zc_pharm_subclass, zc_religion, zc_result_status, zc_sex, zc_state, zc_thera_class)' log=clarity-Aug-imp.log
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