Milestone Facilities Management Phase I Reporting

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Phase 1 of the Facilities Management Reports are to bring in PeopleSoft data from the AM91, Encumbrance Data, and Budgetary QlikView QVD files.

Business Requirements:

  1. In their daily operations they consider encumbrances as money spent, so including this information is necessary to meet their viewpoint.
  2. SpeedTypes are categorized into groups of SpeedTypes. This information can change due to many factors, so this catigorization needs to be flexible.
  3. Expenses are categorized into different "Report Lines" (which are then further grouped into "Report Line Categories") based on a set of business rules that similarly can change due to many factors, so these categories need to be flexible.
  4. Vendor information is essential. Ronn and his group need to be able view vendor expenses by vendor. Due to the nature of such information, vendor information can be entered in several different ways into the system. A "normalization" of vendor name needs to take place. For example, Grainger Industrial Supply may be entered into systems, as: GRAINGER, grainger, Grianger, Grainger, W W GRAINGER INC (but funny enough never as Grainger Industrial Supply).

Facilities Management will need to maintain:

  1. SpeedType Category Table
  2. Vendor Cross Reference Table
  3. FM Report Line and FM Report Line Category Table
  4. Business Rule Logic Table

Updated 6 April 2015 after meeting some cosmetic changes are needed, but Facilities must return feedback for development to proceed.

30 June due date removed 5 July. See GroupOnly/TracTraining#milestone-mgmt

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