Milestone Pioneers1

Completed 5 years ago (04/24/13 10:00:00)

See PioneerFriends for more.

Schedule updated in Apr 12 meeting.

The target for this milestone is internal review of the sign-up process and web site. A plan is emerging: dependency graph

A later goal, milestone:Pioneers2, is that the public can log in and sign up to be a pioneer.

stake holders are

  • clinical researchers at KU and in Frontiers (for the population where we don't use the Medical records data)
  • Patty Kluding, PCIRP is acting as PI for the project to manage the registry
  • Karen Blackwell, leading regulatory
  • Kim Kimmenau from the community section. 

Later functionality would be

  • to see who has trials they may be interested in (#1195)
  • Provide feedback to pioneers on what's happening
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