Milestone adc-demographics-changes

Completed 7 years ago (Oct 17, 2014 4:31:32 PM)

In a call with ADC Clinical Core, we promised to:

  • Complete changes to the project data dictionary by August 1st 2014.
  • Make changes to the CRON jobs within a week or so after the changes are validated in production

Combining loading the DEXA data into this milestone for tracking. We could separate that out to close the milestone.

The changes to the project data dictionary have been completed and moving the milestone to September 1st so that we can make changes to the CRON jobs. We have to meet with the ADC team collect their input before changing the data dumps.

Unable to export data via API as REDCap PHP memory limit #2905 is holding this up. Have informed the customer that it will wrapped up by Oct 3rd.

Oct 10th 2014: Both the tickets that are open are waiting for cusomters.

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