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Release plan for Cheyenne Bottoms Delayed due to 2014 upgrade. Also, delayed as we try to implement the new LOINC hierarchy (#2947).

Milestone goals - Originally from HeronProjectTimeline#Jan2015Planning yellow stickies, plus leftover from previous releases.

  • GPC/CDM Encounters (ticket?)
    • Related to new Encounter Type concept hierarchy changes we tackled in #3083?
  • DEID Flowsheets (#3422)
  • Billing DX from Epic (#3082)
  • ID Demographics Concepts in Night Heron (#2728)
  • GPC/LOINC Labs:

Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Reporter Milestone Keywords
#2868 Document the DUA process tmcmahon enhancement closed tmcmahon heron-cheyenne-bottoms-update dua public-web
#2947 search HERON labs by LOINC terminology including GPC usability design ngraham enhancement closed rwaitman heron-cheyenne-bottoms-update public-web

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