Milestone heron-republican-update

Completed 7 years ago (Jun 4, 2014 4:30:58 PM)


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See Republican release plan.

Delayed due to demographic view issues (#1333), Microbiology ETL performance (#2595), Oracle contention (ticket:2677#comment:26), and redcap term build-on-demand problems resulting from #1575, Medication facts went down (ticket:2692#comment:8), REDCap ALS project facts missing (#2685), and Oracle got stuck on enhancing concepts (#2727).

We plan to release HERON on 6/2, but I've set the milestone due date to 6/4 as that's when we plan to have Trac published and have our Milestone closing meeting.

attachment:"Republican review.xlsx" is the result of the HeronLoad#milestone-plan meeting Apr 30.

We made little to no attempt to incorporate HeronProjectTimeline#Jan2014Planning .

risks include:

  • BA, MH out for Epic training
  • DC out for PyData 2014
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