Milestone microbiology-student-project

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Scope description from email dated: Monday, July 21, 2014 5:34 PM Customers: Elizabeth Jenkins, Michael Parmely, Kathy Mackay Team Members: Angelica Allen, Tim Bosler, Matt Schuette, Bhargav Adagarla

  1. Building REDCap data collection instruments
    1. Angelica has built a draft project. Elizabeth and Kathy will send us all the fields that they want in the project related to degree progression and finances.
    2. Informatics will make a faculty REDCap project (with data from Qlikview) that we will use for building student mentor fields and committee member fields.
    3. Angelica will then build the data collection instruments and validate them with Elizabeth and Kathy.
  2. Building automated process to export data from REDCap and import it into Qlikview
    1. Operations to work with EA on this.
  3. Building Qlikview reports that will combine the data collected in REDCap with grades and contact information from Enroll & Pay.
    1. Tim/Matt to work on this
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