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#2138 use SCILHS ontology for HERON ICD9, CPT, HCPCS? (sync with UMLS?) terminology-evolution technical-debt public-web accepted dconnolly design-issue major
#2713 Bring Cardiology labs data into HERON Cardiology Labs MAC public-web reopened schandaka enhancement major
#1843 Create a CPT hierarchy/ontology for surgical history concepts denoted by CPT codes public-web accepted mhoag enhancement minor
#2059 Medications mapped to Other Medication Concepts folder belong elsewhere in the hierarchy public-web new ngraham enhancement minor
#2278 Epic-internal RxNORM mapping term-stds public-web assigned mhoag design-issue minor
#2296 DX_ID originally parented to ICD9 hierarchy have been re-parented to a dump code. terminology-evolution public-web assigned dconnolly enhancement minor
#2301 constraining birth-date by date doesn't work - HERON uses sysdate for start_date in demographics public-web wrong-results training assigned ngraham problem minor
#2318 refactor medication modifiers so "items instance will be the same" will work public-web assigned ngraham enhancement minor
#2617 Saved searches not updated in REDCap projects after Arkansas release public-web redcap-to-heron assigned dconnolly defect minor
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