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00:00 Changeset in rgate [0:b8165891958f]default by Edi Bice
a basic /etc/init.d/rserve (start Rserve at boot time)


09:19 InformationResources created by dconnolly
InformationResources → …


09:39 Ticket #1849 (flexible time windows for HERON Multi-cohort survival analysis tool) created by dconnolly
One of our customers writes: > On the Multicohort survival analysis, …
09:03 Blog: HERON Neosho includes same financial encounter search optimization and text labels for tumor registry edited by tmcmahon


16:59 PioneerFriends/ContentMeeting created by tmcmahon
10:06 Ticket #1843 (Create a CPT hierarchy/ontology for surgical history concepts denoted ...) created by mhoag
It was determined in the meeting concerning surgical history (Russ, …


17:33 Milestone heron-neosho-update completed
priorities from HeronProjectTimeline#Jan2013Planning include: - same …
10:36 Ticket #1742 (multi-cohort survival plugin fails to initialize after the 1st time) reopened by dconnolly
It seems to initialize OK the 1st time, but if you pick a different …
09:36 Ticket #1743 (multi-cohort survival plugin "run analysis" button unresponsive when ...) closed by dconnolly
fixed: These particular issues are fixed in [9d838b24880b/kmstat], though …


10:02 Ticket #1835 (HERON uses ICD-O-2 labels for ICD-O-3 morphology/histology cancer ...) created by dconnolly
The materials from WHO (ticket:733#comment:36) has two sources of …


15:18 Ticket #1833 (Searching for some concepts (e.g. VANCOMYCIN(<5KG/NICU) INJ 5MG/ML) ...) created by ngraham
Searching for the following concept produces an error in the web …


15:02 Ticket #1742 (multi-cohort survival plugin fails to initialize after the 1st time) closed by dconnolly
fixed: fixed in [03b3a8abafaf/kmstat], I think. This is a sporadic bug, so …


10:33 Ticket #1492 (Include dose (discrete/range) in Medication Order Facts in DUA results) closed by ngraham
09:41 Ticket #1720 (get the Low Socioeconomic Status (low SES) flag from UHC into HERON) closed by mnair


17:22 Ticket #1775 (Create top-level medication concept for NO HOME MEDICATIONS) closed by ngraham
fixed: Merged in [b1a926097d59].
14:58 Ticket #1727 (Add missing concepts for medical and family history) closed by mhoag
fixed: The issue of […] was addressed in changelist (8c53e0a8595e) on …
09:00 Ticket #1739 (History hierarchy doesn't have patient counts) closed by mhoag
fixed: Give that hist_no_patient_count_1739 was deemed risky, I put together …


11:44 Ticket #1694 (harvest past surgical history) closed by mhoag
fixed: Addressed code review comments and merged to default (After smoke …
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