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Oct 21, 2013:

4:48 PM Changeset in kmstat [0:6da7fbae606a]defaulttip by Dan Connolly <dconnolly@…>
Merge with tpub

Oct 17, 2013:

11:27 AM Ticket #2298 (Some REDCap fields are missing from the HERON concept tree) closed by badagarla
fixed: [42c87e6af1c9] resolves the issue. Tested this on current_medications[…]

Oct 16, 2013:

3:29 PM Ticket #2346 (Query excluding deceased patients shows dead people in demographics plugin) created by tmcmahon
When searching for Frontiers participants, I always exclude deceased …
12:50 PM Blog: HERON Solomon marks the 32nd consecutive release edited by dconnolly
12:30 PM Milestone heron-solomon-update completed
In order to hit the release target, we're aiming to kick off ETL on …
11:31 AM Blog: HERON Elk City updates to i2b2 v1.6.07 and includes Ambulatory Nursing Documentation and Orders edited by dconnolly
11:29 AM Blog: HERON Sappa release improves performance and microbiology edited by dconnolly

Oct 7, 2013:

12:12 PM Ticket #2326 (query for ">60" labs in, e.g. GFR Estimated) created by rwaitman
We tried to search for GRF > 59 using the normal i2b2 lab value …

Oct 3, 2013:

1:41 PM Milestone CTSA-yr3 completed
CTSA Annual report for Year 3 does not need input from us.

Oct 1, 2013:

5:19 PM Ticket #2318 (refactor medication modifiers so "items instance will be the same" ...) created by rwaitman
If you want to search for warfarin tablet, dose > 5mg AND a …

Sep 30, 2013:

7:07 PM Milestone heron-chikaskia-update completed
See also: - Release Planning dependencies - …
5:07 PM Blog: HERON Chikaskia release introduces HERON DUA to REDCap & KU ADC data edited by ngraham
10:33 AM Ticket #2313 (Navigating HERON term hierarchy is slow for users with REDCap access) created by rwaitman
Opening non-REDCap folders in REDCap-i2b2 projects is very slow. This …
9:28 AM Ticket #2227 (Delete Concept in I2B2 web app naively deletes the first occurrence of ...) closed by mhoag
fixed: Closing as fixed, since dev work is done and all we need to do is deploy.

Sep 26, 2013:

5:43 PM Blog: HERON Cow Creek release includes order sets and analysis tool enhancements edited by dconnolly
5:39 PM Blog: HERON Bow Creek Release brings Cancer Survival Analysis, R integration edited by dconnolly
add NAACCR category so it shows up on TumorRegistry
5:33 PM IntegratingRwithI2B2.pdf attached to HeronStatsPlugins by dconnolly
i2b2 aug 2013 presentation abstract
4:47 PM r-data-builder-summary-slide.png attached to HeronStatsPlugins by dconnolly
R Data Builder summary slide (screenshot)
4:38 PM extending-i2b2-with-R.pdf attached to I2B2Community by dconnolly
R Data builder slides from 2013 i2b2 AUG meeting
10:34 AM Ticket #2167 (Load the microbiology results with a fact for a negative result) reopened by schandaka
Only MRSA screen culture got loaded in the ETL for Chikaskia. Nathan …

Sep 24, 2013:

10:21 AM Ticket #2301 (constraining birth-date by date doesn't work - HERON uses sysdate for ...) created by tmcmahon
Currently the start date for age in the demographics folder is not the …

Sep 23, 2013:

2:17 PM Ticket #2298 (Some REDCap fields are missing from the HERON concept tree) created by badagarla
We discovered (ticket:2274#comment:5) that there are seven fields in …
11:41 AM Ticket #2296 (DX_ID originally parented to ICD9 hierarchy have been re-parented to a ...) created by mhoag
In the chikaskia (#2274) release it was noticed (#2295) that certain …
8:54 AM Milestone Pioneers3 completed
target: #2178 take Pioneers out of …
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