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09:40 Ticket #2398 (Query by clinical service information from IDX for Ambulatory services) created by mnair
Mani and Bhargav met with Brandon Haight who is going to: - add new …


16:06 Blog: HERON Milford simplifies the Cancer Cases folder edited by tmcmahon
08:52 Ticket #2394 (Creating tooltips takes from seconds to hours depending on table statistics) created by ngraham
During the Milford release, we found that the tooltip creation got …


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Planning meeting November 2013


16:47 Ticket #1967 (Inpatient procedure order query uses outdated CLARITY column; returns ...) reopened by tmcmahon
Turns out this is a valid issue. If you search entire Procedure …
12:29 Ticket #554 (Performance issue in the IDX load) closed by mhoag


19:17 Ticket #2298 (Some REDCap fields are missing from the HERON concept tree) closed by ngraham
14:08 Ticket #2298 (Some REDCap fields are missing from the HERON concept tree) reopened by dconnolly
Concept loading failed (ticket:2377#comment:4). I suspect this isn't …
09:47 Milestone asas2 completed
2/15/2013 - While Phase I deliverables were met (i.e. replication of …
09:46 Milestone HCM.Next completed
Possible new reports for HCM.
09:40 Milestone EA_Sage_MIP_2013_R4 completed
09:38 Milestone hcm-fac completed
Create a Faculty QlikView Application (#1429, see …
09:35 Milestone EA_201310 completed
28 Oct due date removed 6 Nov
09:24 Milestone EA_201309 completed
Redefine EA deliverables for Q4, 2013 25 Oct due date removed 6 Nov


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09:50 Milestone redcap-sp3 completed
Upgrade REDCap OS of public web server to current service pack (SP3). …


16:41 Ticket #1337 (HeronLoad ad-hoc log format vs. CSV for analysis) closed by dconnolly
fixed: fixed in 8e42d2cb6b98. source:heron_load/etl_log_review.py now shows …
16:33 Ticket #2375 (Does Revenue cycle change how we tag diagnoses as clinical vs. billing) created by rwaitman
With implementation of Revenue cycle, billing is being done in O2. …
12:48 Ticket #2326 (query for ">60" labs in, e.g. GFR Estimated) closed by mhoag
fixed: Addressed code review comments from related ticket #2251
12:45 Ticket #2251 (query by last lab value) closed by mhoag
fixed: Replying to ngraham: > Code review notes: > * …


10:29 Ticket #2070 (Unclear dependency for count_by_concept from epic_med_mapping) closed by dconnolly
fixed: We've decided to document the dependency [ec663721eee1] (#1) and …


17:14 Ticket #2082 (build REDCap CRF summary data from HERON Identified Data Use Requests (DUA)) closed by dconnolly
fixed: Tamara tried out this new identified DUA feature and it seems to work …
16:08 Ticket #2363 (De-id DUA/REDCap fulfillment has identified age.) closed by dconnolly
fixed: ah... another block atop the kludge tower should fix it: - …
15:41 Ticket #2363 (De-id DUA/REDCap fulfillment has identified age.) created by tmcmahon
In Patient form of a REDCap DUA project, the age field contains the …


13:51 Ticket #2346 (Query excluding deceased patients shows dead people in demographics plugin) closed by ngraham
fixed: Thanks to Matt for reviewing the change. Fixed in [ed778409167d] as …


10:06 Ticket #1337 (HeronLoad ad-hoc log format vs. CSV for analysis) reopened by dconnolly
I tried to use source:heron_load/etl_log_review.py and the structured …


09:53 Ticket #2112 (tumor registry terminology hierarchy simplified for cancer study ...) closed by mhoag
fixed: Replying to mhoag: > Finished adding the additional group …


15:13 Ticket #2352 (limit DUA datasets by date) created by tmcmahon
The fact that R Data Builder doesn't respect date constraints confuses …
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