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Jul 30, 2014:

2:53 PM Blog: HERON Hackberry release includes emergency, inpatient and outpatient encounter data edited by dconnolly
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2:49 PM Blog: HERON Marmaton introduces Cardiology labs and BMI percentile data edited by dconnolly
2:28 PM CTSA edited by dconnolly
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2:23 PM PioneerFriends edited by dconnolly
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Jul 25, 2014:

5:03 PM I2B2Community edited by dconnolly
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Jul 22, 2014:

3:08 PM Milestone heron-hackberry-update completed
hackberry release plan. Milestone goals: …

Jul 16, 2014:

9:24 AM Ticket #2759 (Tooltips undefined for procedures in CPT folder) closed by mhoag

Jul 15, 2014:

5:20 PM Ticket #2825 (long concept names obscure Timeline data) created by j189c736
A long concept name will completely cover tick marks on a timeline …
3:48 PM Ticket #2822 (Prefix diagnosis hierarchy labels with ICD-9 codes to make it easier ...) created by dconnolly

Jul 7, 2014:

1:37 PM Ticket #2713 (Bring Cardiology labs data into HERON) reopened by schandaka
After reviewing the cardiology lab results on HERON with the …

Jun 30, 2014:

12:24 PM Ticket #2781 (Exception report framework to replace tests that halt ETL) created by dconnolly
From HeronProjectTimeline#May2014Planning. This includes way to …
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