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Jun 5, 2015:

4:11 PM Milestone redcap-adc-uds3.0-changes completed
Centers can now download the final UDS 3 form packets — initial visit, …
9:33 AM Milestone heron-quivira-update completed
Release plan for Quivira Delayed to …

Jun 3, 2015:

1:47 PM Blog: HERON Quivira reinstates the Human Subjects Training check and presents email flags edited by tmcmahon

May 28, 2015:

8:51 AM HowToWorkwithLOSDischarge edited by lhuang2

May 27, 2015:

1:49 PM Ticket #3487 (Clicking "Other Medication Concepts" in the i2b2 webclient results in ...) closed by ngraham
fixed: With Matt, we reviewed and ran the above delete statement in both A an …

May 21, 2015:

9:37 AM Ticket #3505 (Alerts 2.0 - Bring in drug dosage, drug allergy and other alert types.) created by rwaitman
Yellow sticky from HeronProjectTimeline#May2015Planning: How many …

May 20, 2015:

10:15 AM yellow-stickies-19-May.JPG attached to HeronProjectTimeline by dconnolly
Thanks, Nathan, for photos

May 19, 2015:

2:02 PM Ticket #2896 (query for do we have an email address? in HERON) closed by dconnolly
fixed: merged in cc978529086f after a couple tweaks: - f71104bb36c7 factor …
12:24 PM Milestone redcap3 completed
This is to include the postponed major goal: - Move to SUSE provided …

May 15, 2015:

7:55 AM Milestone pioneers5-update completed
Goal is to pull, from ClinicalTrials.gov, all actively recruiting …

May 13, 2015:

12:49 PM Ticket #2781 (Exception report framework to replace tests that halt ETL) reopened by ngraham
We put all this exception report stuff on the ID side rather than the …

May 12, 2015:

9:04 AM Ticket #3487 (Clicking "Other Medication Concepts" in the i2b2 webclient results in ...) created by rwaitman
The "Other Medications Concepts" folder doesn't expand. Instead, the …

May 11, 2015:

1:28 PM HowToUseTimelineToFilterData edited by lhuang2
12:43 PM HowToUseFinancialEncounterToFilterData edited by lhuang2
11:37 AM EncounterByGroup.png attached to HowToUseFinancialEncounterToFilterData by lhuang2
Option 2 Define the same encounter for patial of groups
11:35 AM EncounterByAll.png attached to HowToUseFinancialEncounterToFilterData by lhuang2
Option 1 All Groups in the same financial encounter

May 7, 2015:

1:06 PM HowToUseModifierToFilterData edited by lhuang2

May 6, 2015:

2:59 PM HowToUseRForHeronData edited by lhuang2
2:52 PM HowToIntroduceHeronToNewUsers edited by lhuang2
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