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Administering Amazon Web Services

#2424 Describes the preliminary work/concerns for shared administration of AWS resources.

One can administer AWS using:

and soon (#2585)...

Adding Users to Production AWS

  • After Logging in to Production AWS go to IAM Users
  • Select "Create New User"
  • Enter the name for the new user and uncheck "Create Access Keys" (we likely don't want human administrators to have access keys - see ticket:2424#comment:12)
  • Check the newly created user and select "Add User to Group"
  • Select the appropriate group(s) (e.g. select admin if the user should have access to all things).
  • (After checking the appropriate User from IAM Users), Select "Manage MFA Device" in the lower pane and follow the instructions for Setting up Multi-factor Authentication
  • (After checking the appropriate User from IAM Users), Select "Manage Password" in the lower pane and follow the prompts to create a password for the user. (MFA and Passwords are not needed for automated users)

Setting up Multi-factor Authentication

ticket:2487#comment:3 describes how to setup MFA for AWS user specifically on our production instance.

How to Launch an Instance

ticket:2427#comment:11 describes how to Launch an AWS Image for WebRTC. It is applicable to launching an AWS Image in general.

ticket:2428#comment:7 gives evidence that Bhargav successfully reproduced Matt's work. Matt has scheduled a meeting Feb 19 where we can go over this and fill in as much documentation as we like.

Allowing access to Instances

(see: GroupOnly/AmazonWebServicesAdmin#AddingAdminsonCentOS)

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