announcement: Heron Cottonwood release includes early Biospecimen Repository integration

see #517 for development status

Attendees: Roy Jensen, Andy Godwin, Jodi Ballenger, Matt Mayo, Russ Waitman, Kahlia Ford, Bhargav Adagarla March 25, 2011

Russ' rough notes

Rough Stats:

  • Everyone we would be interested in should have an MRN and be in Epic though their primary visit may have occurred elsewhere.
  • Approximately 14% of the patients would be tracked in CRIS for at least AEs and reporting. Perhaps more for prevention trials.
  • ~2000 patients per year seen by KUH/KUMC. Of those, less than 500 are currently consented and have a specimen in the repository.
  • ~2500-3000 total is the distinct patients Jodi thinks she has in the tissue repository. About 26,000 total samples (blood, urine, paraffin, etc)
    • much of this may precede Epic, the hospital's EMR. Epic went live in Nov 2007 but the backfilled 2-3 years of labs.


  1. We need to integrate the hospital's tumor registry with HERON, our data repository.
  • it's approximately 25 of the variables from Andy's ovarian example.
  • it has the fundamental outcomes which are needed.
  • on my way to lunch I ran into Chris Wittkopp and Theresa Jackson. Theresa confirmed while she oversees the registry, we'd need to ask KUH executives for permission. I'll pursue this through the executive committee (Tami Petermann, Scott Gladrod, Chris Hansen).
  • Tim Metcalf is its operational manager

Russ will discuss with the next HERON oversight committee and draft a request to link this data for the executive committee.

  1. We need a method for clinical annotation that can be linked and searched with HERON.
  • CASIS may be the right source of a data dictionary for our annotations. But it has too many fields to really be used for data entry. People need to decide the key fields they want to track.
  • caTissue also has annotations for many diseases categories but is cumbersome.
  • At Fox Chase, Andy would also link in questionnaires to the data warehouse for reuse by others.
    • His goal is to get everyone contributing information to link to the patient data from the clinical record and share their data, not lock up their database from others. When others see him contribute information freely they are likely to follow.
  1. We could use improved an sample management system but that's not as critical as the annotation. Jodi knows where to find things and for now, she and Andy don't want people to see what samples are available at any moment over the web. She'd like a call.
  • When we do what to tackle this, two options would be Velos eSample and caTissue.
    • Russ will forward Velos eSample, caTissue documentation for comparison
  • When I went to the Velos annual conference there was an interesting discussion of the pros and cons of either package. University of Michigan had done considerable evaluation of the two. We'd probably want to reach out to Moira Dowling there as they are a big Velos customer. looks like after the dust settled they are using caTissue though

Jodi will invite Russ, Bhargav and Kahlia to her place to review her system and they will show CRIS and REDCap.

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