Gerry: Get an outline of the background and draft sections by 7/20

The challenge for our section is optimizing cross referencing of informatics efforts in other sections.

The grant is difficult because the vague objective of the other functions and biostats ttrc overlap


  • Investment in BMI with Russ
  • KINBRE with Gerry We're an IDEA state
  • CRIS

For goals where there is specific development, provide a sense of timeline for items in the aims and then again in the conclusion.


Aim 1. RAVEN versus HICTR portal for investigators. Need to talk about the modules hooking in. Table ok. Will need to remove the user feedback part. Say we will do a survey at the end of year one to get feedback regarding satisfaction and needs.

Background: One of the key pieces in the CTSA is each has a repository that can also be shared. In order to meet that goal, we'll build heron.

CRIS - what modules exist. What training resources exist. Enterprise VELOS license. So, all researchers can be managed in CRIS. Example: Rick's neurology grant.

KINBRE resources.

Investment in BMI with Russ

Education background

  • CBI
  • CHI and multidisciplinary degree.

Involvement with state HIE.

Judy's involvement with terminology and standards development.

Rollout of EPIC and Greg has been involved in the EPIC research council.

Organize by bench - Gerry -- We are a showcase pharmacy, drug discovery thing and IAMI is a connecting link. Gerry is right there supporting all parts. CRIS -trials russ EPIC - clinicals BMI development funding for Russ to connect and leverage EPIC HIE and national health informatics contributions - Helen and Judy Leaders in online education and SEEDs with Cerner Corporation. Over 40 international clients.

Telemedicine network

The summary paragraph of the background needs to be focused on our innovation. Leader in telemedicine, online education, CRIS?, Gerry's stuff.

Aim 3. Needs in almost layman's language how Gerry and Scott work together wrt supporting IAMI.

will also need to include a bit about linkage to HERON biospecimen repository in Aim 2. Ossama's notes with Russ. Specific integration of both biospecimen repositories as well as underlying clinical pathology data.

Aim 2

C.2.3. would mention caBIG effort with CRIS as well. Demographics, ADEs, and CTEP protocols/forms and our CRIS alignment which will inform our work with the data flowing in from the hospital.

Aim 4

C4.5. Connecting with rural practices. Who pays for it?

  • Russ does an NLM grant? Beacon?
  • as part of Allen's work?

C4.6. This is a very long term goal More year 3+ of the grant. Cancer consents. Does cancer have the same data to back up an intervention for standard of care consent comparable to cardiology

CPOE as a long term goal for integrating these statistical models.

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