The physicians who practice at the University of Kansas Medical Center and KU MedWest are members of Kansas University Physicians, Inc. (KUPI), the largest multi-specialty group practice in Kansas.

IDX data from the KUPI clinics is an important data source for HERON. The HICTR participant registry is a small slice of IDX, consisting of patients that have consented to participate in research. This small slice of data is very useful for prototyping and exploration.

HICTR stands for Heartland Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

Our first approach to ETL was using various SQL scripts. We considered using the talend ETL tool (#1). It was a useful experience, but we expect to just use SQL and python going forward. See source:i2b2/hictr_load.

For milestone:hictr-prod, the arrangement of machines, database sids, and schemas is a bit different from the defaults in the code; it's captured in an attachment to #126. It looks like:

GraphViz image


GraphViz image

October 25,2010: We had a good meeting with UKP and Greg Ator. See attached minutes.

HICTRPlanningFebruary 28, 2011 HICTR participant planning meeting expansion measurement and rollout

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