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     1Notes from Discussion with David Cook, June 11, 2010 with Russ Waitman:
     2A great point to highlight is the Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA), CRIS and clinical trials.
     4AHEC, service, CME, outreach clinics.  All MD driven
     5- a UKP doc goes out to the West to conduct a quarterly session.
     6Gary Doolitle goes to Hays.  Oncology.  Often, these are partnered with telemedicine.  Sometimes in person first, other times telemedicine first.  Works with Hays Medical center and is credentialed with them.  He also covers Horton.  Other docs in Hays already in oncology.
     8-Talk with Gary Doolittle.
     10Neupane (Oncology) goes to Goodland
     12Pediatric specialist goes to Garden City.  May or may not have access to the EMR in Garden City "St Catherines".
     14Be cautious of we're from the big city and here to "help you".
     16MCA notes:
     17- network of hospitals ala AHEC. 
     18- clinical trials.  Now docs out there have access to some of our trials.  Salina.  CRIS connection. 
     19- secondary consults through telemedicine.
     21continuing education
     22-they are 90% of the CE in the state ....
     23- diabetes and sepsis projects
     24-- provide evidence based approach, then collect data to see if they are making a difference.
     25--- goal is to evolve into a professional development office
     26--- David Robins for Diabetes.
     27--- Sepsis Elizabeth Wenki, PHD in Continuing education.
     29Critical access hospitals, Crawford county,
     30- what do they have FQHC. 
     32Facilitation versus active plans
     34MCA sites are probably our strongest connections and not just regarding cancer. 
     35- sites which are "Rural"
     36-- Goodland Regional Medical Center
     37-- Hays Medical Center
     38-- Mt. Carmel Regional Medical Center (Crawford)
     39-- Promise Regional Medical Center (Hutchinson)
     40-- Salina Regional Medical Center
     41(wish they had Garden City in the MCA)
     43- Ask Allen Greiner and Kim Kimminau. about there primary care efforts.
     45Telemedicines challenge: docs in urban are too busy and don't get the payer mix.  Rural people are more medicaid medicare.   
     46- wish patient history was in their hands prior to the telemedicine encounter (including lab work).
     47- Gary will have access to their record on line via Hays systems. 
     49-- Reach objective: telemedicine/emr integration with several places Hays or an MCA site?