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     1= The Office of Enterprise Analytics =
     2A brief overview of our functions:
     4 1. Develop, deploy, and support business intelligence and analytics initiatives at KUMC.
     5 1. Oversee a Central Data Repository (CDR) for the Medical Center containing copies of source tables, and transformed and link tables necessary for intelligent reporting, thus ensuring that KUMC users have access to data necessary to make informed decisions.
     6 1. Foster and maintain a comprehensive analytics and reporting environment, ensuring that KUMC has the analytic and reporting tools to support decision making.
     7 1. Lead or assist in the preparation of official KUMC responses for institutional compliance, to external surveys and questionnaires, and to support the KUMC community with ad-hoc data requests.
     8 1. Produce, maintain, and coordinate centrally available dashboards, analyses, and reports for the Medical Center community.
     9 1. Work with key KUMC functional leaders to maintain high data quality in KUMC information systems and in the CDR.
     10 1. Train and assist enterprise analytics users at the Medical Center with the reporting environment.
     11 1. Promote a business intelligence culture in the KUMC community, and work to make the use of business intelligence pervasive within the Medical Center.[[BR]]
     13[ Enterprise Analytics: Website (Qlikview Access Point, KUMC Fact Books)]
     15EA uses the [[REDCap]] tool as a data request/support form
     17Current Projects:
     19 * [[TEAL]]: Transition of the current CDR to the TEAL data warehouse
     20 * [wiki:EADataGovernance QlikView Components and Data Governance]
     21 * [[QlikView Development Standards and Guidelines]]
     22 * [wiki:All_Sources_All_Spends All Sources & All Spends]: Institutional Finance monitoring, accountability, projections, and trends