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     1==I have transitioned this page to the GPC Informatics wiki==
     2  Russ Waitman
     4PVRM Independent Study Course on Medical Informatics Driven Clinical Research
     5Jasmin Nwachokor‎; Stacy Keller‎; Parker Bohm‎; Shaima Alothman
     8'''January 28, 2015'''
     10Potential Topics:
     12PCORI Focused
     13Aspirin Trial replication and support
     16- Bariatric Surgery
     17- Pediatric Antibiotics
     19Breast Cancer
     23Cross over with Patient Powered Networks
     24- Vasculitis
     25- Duchennes
     26- MS
     27- ABOUT/Breast Cancer
     30- Scott Weir and IAMI: bladder cancer for high risk but not yet metastatic (premarket analysis, under treatment)
     32- Joeseph LeMaster, family medicine, diabetic foot ulcers and amputation (implementing best practices to avoid; predict who's at highest risk)
     34Discussion of topics.  Come to class next with topic more fully formed and variables of interest.
     36'''February 4, 2015'''
     40Shaima: Pain (out this session at a conference)
     42Stacy: PCORI ADAPTABLE aspirin study population,
     43- cohort characterization regarding medication usage,
     44- benefit for subsequent event
     45- versus bleeding risk
     47Jasmin: Breast Cancer
     48- African American Females with Lymphodema
     49- Amanda Amin faculty contact
     50- Obesity
     51- Age, smoking, alcohol, history of uterine/ovarian surgeries
     52- immediate reconstruction
     53- stage of cancer
     54- type of surgery
     55- menopausal status
     56- family history
     57- comorbidities
     58- treatment (radiation, chemo, neoadjuvent)
     60Parker: Alzheimer's Disease with Jeff Burns
     61- Looking at medication use (namenda aricept)
     62- Comorbidities and discharge placement
     63- complications/variability in LOS and other characteristics where AD is a comorbidity
     64- general exploration of what is richly documented on this population, frequency, intensity of care
     65- comparison with what is collected in the ADC and NACC forms REDCap database.