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part of: HERONTrainingMaterials

Qualified faculty can sponsor collaborators and research team members:

  1. Visit using any web browser
    • Note: If you are outside the KUMC network, you will need to use a KUMC VPN connection
  2. Login with your regular KUMC credentials, just as you would to use to access
  3. Follow the "HERON Sponsorship Request" link
  4. Enter the id(s) for your sponsoree(s) and add
  5. The form should auto fill the your information and the sponsoree(s) information.  Make sure the following fields are compete.

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  1. Sponsoring faculty member full name
  2. Sponsoring faculty member network ID
  3. Title of research area for candidate
  4. Research expiration date (if applicable)
  5. Select "Sponsorship"
  6. Read the "Sponsor HERON System Usage Users" agreement. You will acknowledge agreement to the terms listed upon submission of the form
  7. Provide description of candidate activities with regard to HERON usage
  8. Attach files (optional)
  9. Candidate KUMC network ID
  10. Candidate name, title and department
  11. If the candidate is not a KUMC employee, please enter affiliation
    • Note:Candidate must have a network ID to access HERON even if not employed by KUMC
  1. Submit the application. The system will notify the Data Request Oversight Committee (DROC) by email that an application is pending approval. In a few days, you should get notice of approval (or otherwise) by email.

If the request is approved, the candidate will receive email as well; they can execute the system access agreement and log in to HERON as usual.