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While we are Using I2B2 for the bulk of the functionality of HERON, heron-admin provides a regulatory enforcement web layer for HERON#governance. HERONTrainingMaterials? provides end-user documentation. (Well, it used to; see #1268)

in progress; see ticket:600#comment:11 for context

Automated tests to match HERONTrainingMaterials? sure would be nice.


Developer documentation, including doctests, is generated from the code:

Access Policy and Authority Flow

Anyone who can login (via CAS) can review usage stats or sign a system access agreement (which is recorded in REDCap).

Investigators, i.e. faculty and executives, can submit investigator requests (sponsorship, data use) to the DROC.

GraphViz image

Investigators and sponsored users, provided their human subjects training is current and they have signed the system access agreement, can follow the "start i2b2 query tool" link; if they have an acknowledgement on file, they can use i2b2; otherwise, they can acknowledge the disclaimer.

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Module Dependencies

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Development process

genshi template language @@...

see source:raven-j/heron_wsgi/Makefile and source:raven-j/README.rst

Clone Repository

UsingVersionControl: Clone the raven-j (a.k.a Heron Admin) repository from using your preferred method (e.g. TortoiseHg?, Hg command-line, etc.).

2. Setup Virtualenv

dependencies... mysql, cx_Oracle, etc. ... PythonVirtualEnvironment, PythonOnWindows?

2.1. Create an associated Python virtualenv (optimally separated from the code).

$ virtualenv <venv-path>

2.2. Activate your virtualenv.

$ source <venv-path>/bin/activate

2.3. Use PIP to install necessary Python

$ cd <raven-j-path>
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

... and (introduced in #653 ldap_cert_653; TODO: merge requirements files) ...

$ cd <raven-j-path>/traincheck/
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

see also PythonVirtualEnvironment, PythonOnWindows?, WritingQualityCode#pypy)

Unit test can be run with:

$ python -m doctest <file>

CLI Integration Testing

see GroupOnly/HeronAdmin


oops... heron-admin is now ambiguous: support email address and software package.

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