Jan 2019 Planning

Here's hoping to sync ProjectPlanning spreadsheet with tickets and estimates here in Trac.

Feb priorities

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what does this mean?


  • Technical Debt
  • ETL

Mar priorities

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  • GROUSE i2b2 cdm refresh
  • sas on greenheron (#5343?)
  • sas on goby (for #5089)
  • ETL
  • GROUSE Finder Files
  • Notes from varchar to clob #4241, #4910, #5302
  • Help with Etl
  • Pioneers Website Enhancements
  • Pioneers Search Clinical Trials
  • REDCap Pioneers E-Consent
  • GDIT first cut

Oct 2018 Planning

July 2018 Planning

Apr 2018 Planning

Jan 2018 Planning

Oct 2017 Planning

June 2017 Planning

for July (no HERON release):

May 2017 Planning

Jan 2017 Planning

September 2016 Planning

Jun 2016 Planning

TODO: transcribe yellow sticky text so as to be searchable from here or our roadmap


moved to milestone:heron-cornelia-update





  • TC-ABC r21 RW MP
  • Geocoding data in HERON #3464
  • RStudio for RESDac #4181
  • RESDac cohort char phase 1
  • server migration #4245
  • server migration #3753
  • RES Eval Koenig


  • Notes de-id 2.0 MCW integration #3913
  • Notes from varchar to CLOB #4241
  • GPC SHRINE SNOW w/ tumor registry
  • REDCap upgrade
  • RESDAC cohort characterization phase 1
  • RESDAC CDM via i2p
  • ETL GPC:SamTheEagle phase 2

Parking lot

  • NIST isloated REDCap dev/test environment #3735
  • CF project UHC charge info
  • Sialorrhea (Barohn)
  • YMCA Burns
  • NAACR staging seq GPC:ticket:454
  • HERON ETL portability terms split #3881 GPC:ticket:127
  • old SMS -> HERON -> CDM
  • EA Qlikview dev
  • NCDR registry older data
  • LeMaster resubmission
  • Cardiology STS registry
  • <10 pat #4075
  • LAB & other procedure orders in LOINC
  • procedure source modifier GPC:ticket:491
  • EA/MI becoming a center
  • flowsheet ETL in parallel #3985
  • frontiers into mychart
  • SMS reporting III
  • Run HERON ETL on AWS #2312
  • HERON AWS redshift eval
  • OMOP design? (RW, DC, SC, MP, LH, SS) #1264
  • Single vs flip flop DB #3871
  • pioneers mapping + emails #4021 #2231
  • CMS patient overlap GPC:ticket:133
  • flowsheet encounter bug #4124
  • SMS billing DX -> HERON
  • survival plugins out of date #2455
  • Sample ETL (problem w/UHC #2235)
  • CPT LOINC GPC:ticket:286
  • GPC IRB submission system
  • modifiers in i2b2 timeline #3106
  • PKD registry support
  • Automate staging validation #2223
  • smart phrases and link usage in HERON #2340
  • VIP, do not contact flags in night heron #3228

Apr 2016 Planning

December 2015 Planning

planning whiteboard

August 2015 Planning

planning whiteboard

May 2015 Planning

  • planning whiteboard

Jan 2015 Planning

Aug 2014 Planning

Postponed from Wakarusa and/or Delaware...

Do we have tickets for these?

  • Discharge Disposition Mapping (SC)
  • Update Clarity Component (SC)
  • O2 + IDX Data reconcile provider, ENC? (VL)
  • IDX Adds (POS #2933, 1st payer, 2nd payer) (et al?) (VL)
  • Pain controls #3033 (?)
  • REDCap mysql upgrade install (BH) #3155

May 2014 Planning

Jan 2014 Planning

whiteboard: attachment:heron-2014-01-07.JPG

November 2013 Planning

whiteboard: attachment:HERONPlanningDecemberToJune.jpg

July 2013 Planning

whiteboard: attachment:HERONPlanningJulytoDecember2013_rev2.jpg

Jan 2013 Planning

attachment:2013-01-29-whiteboard.JPG full size whiteboard photo

October 26 Planning for Biostatistics Informatics Shared Resource or KU Cancer Center

Russ Waitman, Brooke Fridley, Mani Nair

attachment:BISR_Planning_Oct262012large.JPG whiteboard photo, full size

Sep 2012 Planning

see also: whiteboard photo, full size

March 2012 Planning

Heron roadmap apr to oct 2012 revised post Droc

whiteboard photo, full size

Nov 2011 Planning

see also: whiteboard photo, full size


  • eIRB basics in REDCap; chalk integration



  • CTSA site visit Feb
    • tumor survival analysis (e.g. for Jon to work on; DROC request)
    • R in i2b2
    • #733 tumor registry labels, ontology clean-up
  • AMIA submission March
  • march-ish: #698: Race/Ethinicity mixed up in HERON
  • orders
  • #365 flowsheets ontology
  • #87, #201 HERON services, units

Frontiers Web


  • #583 race follow-up
  • google us-ignite

July 2011 Planning

re-visiting milestone:HERON1.0 and such, after the i2b2 conference.

HERON goes on tour of lakes and rivers in Kansas:

  1. Pomona
  2. Wilson
  3. Cottonwood
  4. Cheney
  5. Perry
  6. Tuttle Creek
  7. Pawnee
  8. Bow Creek

list starts at 5=May

Start 1.6 eval (#165) in Aug, hoping for the Perry release.

whiteboard photo

March 2011 Planning Meeting

The CTSA provides a natural July 2011 deadline for milestone:HERON1.0. We enumerated features from (@@link) update to chairs and for each, discussed end-user priority, development effort, design risk, and coordination risk.

14.50.18.jpg whiteboard photo

  1. Top priority
    • Update HERON to Jan 2011 data (based on )
      • tasks include: #357 review and verify Clarity 2008 to 2009 tables and columns for the ETL scripts we've implemented
      • What was it that went live recently that Russ said users would be very interested in?
      • Is #226 critical?
    • Integrate ClinicIDXSource (#75, #306, #292)
      • ~2 weeks effort, presuming design risks (medium) don't materialize. Minimal coordination risk.
  2. Raven overhaul with disclaimers
    • High coordination risk; design risk is moderate and effort seems low.
    • refinement of milestone:raven-org?
    • While improved DROC auditing tools (e.g. #354) are critical for milestone:HERON1.0, they're only moderate priority to the users (DROC), so they're not urgent. Effort seems low; we should get to them as time permits.
  3. DataUserAgreementStory including
    • UI for data requests
      • (@@note Russ's design based on timeline)
    • secure download of data (somewhat like #101, but for deidentified data)
  4. Lab ontology from Epic (#311)
    • High end-user priority; our LoincMapping isn't adequate.
    • Coordination risk (getting the spreadsheet) dominates; design risk and development effort seem moderate.
  5. Medications
    • Our alpha design (#187) is inadequate:
      1. The counts are much lower than Russ would find plausible.
      2. We record dispense observations but not order nor admistration.
    • note meeting scheduled for Mon, 7 Mar
  6. Not critical for milestone:HERON1.0 (i.e. milestone:HERONv.Next)
    • More labs:
      1. Conversion labs (some coordination risk)
      2. pathology
        • just dumb Epic results; not copath, yet
      3. Blood bank
    • Diagnoses from problem list (DiagnosisMapping, #280, wasn't there another ticket on this? #226?)
    • Enhanced Diagnoses with snomed labels (#273)
      • moderate user priority; low design risk; moderate effort
    • Vitals from PAT_ENC (#178)
      • Design risk looks moderate (ontology stuff) but effort seems low. User priority is also low, given that we already have usable problem observations.
    • Improved nursing ontologies (see FlowsheetMapping)
      • Coordination is via Judy
    • Select by provider (#87), timing queries, "same visit" (e.g. #333)
      • #165 upgrade to i2b2 1.6
        • We didn't discuss the implication on bug #25

@@something about decision points vs features/tasks

HeronLoad iterations (aka "cakes")

These iterations should be increasingly automated; ideally, the process should take less than 1 day of human effort. (cf #169)

  1. milestone:EpicBetai2b2
  2. Fresh start based on Clarity2
  3. Integrate IDX
  4. ~May build based on Apr source data
  5. 1.0 build in June based on May source data

Follow-up March 18

whiteboard photo

Follow-up May 2

whiteboard photo

Older Notes from CTSA outline

See also: milestone:HERON1.0

The CTSA outline discusses several tasks in the past tense, not all of which are done:

  • Pilot use of HERON and i2b2 for HICTR Participant Registry began in April 2010.
  • The initial architecture was deployed in July 2010 and was populated with production data from IDX and EPIC in August 2010. ( milestone:NightHERONStats)
  • Initial ETL processes were completed in September 2010 and are based on an extractive approach where data is dumped to file from the source system or queried on a monthly basis for incorporation into HERON.
  • Over time, we will deploy increasingly sophisticated and timely methods for incorporating source data such as event driven HL7 and XML listeners. ...
  • System capacity and capabilities will be re-evaluated based upon demand and support from participating institutions. The current system capacity and informatics team is sized to support UKP and KUH data as described in C.2.4 for research purposes but not 24/7 mission critical clinical applications. We anticipate incorporating additional technologies, such as reporting, business intelligence and advance analytics (Pentaho, R, SAS) if supported by operational needs from our clinical partners and in close collaboration with the Department of Biostatistics.
  • We may also explore neutral cloud based infrastructure for incorporating non-KUMC/KUH/UKP data as that vendor space matures regarding HIPAA compliance.
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