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Question and Answer example:

For example, say that an ICD-9 diagnosis, code 230 we are looking at occurred in the past and didn't occur in this visit, meaning not when they came through the ED. Would a line for code 230 be in our data?

It depends on the query and there are multiple way to identify in your data 1. You can check on your query to see if the diagnosis exist. 2. You can check on the first raw data file It also listed all the the concept path and diagnosis code info. 3. I use SQLite or SQL to run select statement with where clause to see if it is there.

it is in the query, even if it is not in the ED, it should show up in the raw data which means the raw data does have some historical data related to the concept you asked for in the query.

Second would it have the same encounter number or would it be different?

It will be different encounter number as it was diagnosed in previous visit.

Third, lets say they had the event in the past, 2008, and again in the current ED encounter, 2015. Their code list for 230 would contain now both sets of codes for 2008, and 2015, within the same encounter number?


Encounter_num can be considered as each visit most of the time especially for outpatient. Repeated encounter_num rows just contain different facts about that visit. General speaking, inpatient have one encounter number for a hospital stay.