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i2b2 Academic User Group

The i2b2 Academic Users' Group has been set up to serve as a forum for those academic health centers interested in implementing the i2b2 software suite and is designed to support awareness of related activity amongst participating institutions, stimulate collaborations on developing and/or modifying elements of the i2b2 suite to better suit local or broader needs, and to provide guidance to the i2b2 team on issues ranging from software licensing to management of version control to collaborations with industrial partners.

Several of us participate.

4th Annual i2b2 AUG and SHRINE Conference and NLP Workshop

July 9-11, 2014 Joseph P. Martin Conference Center Boston, MA 02115

see also:

2013 AUG Conference

There was quite a bit of interest in our timeline hover enhancements (e.g. #1997). Here's hoping we manage to share the code soon.

Dan made notes to follow up on the following:

Evaluate ETL tools and techniques for data flow visualization and structured logging

  • #1 - several mentioned using talend.
    • I like the idea of a big picture diagram of the ETL process. I went over my notes and found good reasons why I decided against talend (and other diagram-to-code tools), but I've made some progress on a code-to-diagram approach.
  • #338 - the Cincinnati guys recommended alter table T nologging
  • #513 - I talked with the Cincinnati developers about query performance, which led to discussion of ETL performance. They pretty much laughed at the whole idea of getting reasonable performance using database links.
  • #2117 - The Cincinnatti guys suggested DML Error logging to avoid crashing the whole ETL over one goofy lab value
  • #2118 - postgresql support, jboss 1.7, Oracle 11g
  • #2119 - the installer from the German guys is not just Ubuntu any more

2011 AUG Conference

Here's hoping I (Dan) find time to edit this into a blog item...

presentation materials are on the AUG page:

June 28-29, First Annual i2b2 AUG Conference, Boston, MA

  • Overview of i2b2 Roadmap (Kohane)
  • Software Plans 2011-2014 (Murphy, Phillips, Mendis)
    • "Data mart request form" slide 13
    • "Modifiers in UI" slide 26
    • "Constrain observations into the same encounter" slide 32
    • 1.6 has Ontology editor (Java client only)
      • I'm skeptical about whether it's better than a spreadsheet.
    • IM cell for identified access
    • Smart apps
    • Collaboration: Jira, wiki, svn
      • Is the public svn repository where the i2b2 devs do their daily work? Do they use Jira?
    • new features: Cancel Query. Print careful'' (add/move note to #165)
    • online help (which ticket?)
    • stats
  • Proof of Principle Use Case: Rheumatoid Arthritis Pheno to Geno (Plenge)
  • Ontologies (Murphy and team)
  • SMART (Substitutable Medical Applications, reusable technologies)

(for reference: dckc tweets 27 Jun thru 30 Jun )

conference center was very, very nice. Thanks to the sponsors!

2010 AUG Meeting

Dan went the October 2010 meeting; 2010 i2b2 AUG trip notes are perhaps cryptic, but available. The notes include photos of i2b2 developers etc.

Upstream collaboration

We use the i2b2-upstream keyword for issues that we have (or: we should have) reported upstream:

Show time-of-day in the HERON timeline hover text
Delete Concept in I2B2 web app naively deletes the first occurrence of the concept, not the one selected
dragging ChrisMackaySolidTumorProgressed from shared folder to query tool hangs

Dan has contributed some code and logged it against JIRA tickets. todo: add pointers here

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