First use case for our NetworkInnovation project is for in home monitoring via web cams.

Currently tracking this as part of milestone:dm-ignite-sim:

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We considered an android/iphone, but it seems awkward to dedicate a personal mobile phone to monitoring.

Initial target device until proven otherwise is Dlink 2200 cloud cam. (#1520)

yes, google storage device does SMB

US Ignite Application Summit June 2013

Demo proposal (as of Monday, April 29, 2013 8:35 AM):

We are developing an In-Home Video Monitoring system to assist the care givers of Dementia patients. The system consists of high resolution, network based camera, connected to video management server (VMS) either located locally at home, or in cloud through a high speed network connectivity. The VMS monitoring the patient will continuously record and store the video from camera without any intervention from the caregiver. Whenever a caregiver wants to capture some behavioral changes in the patient all they do is to click a button on browser based simple application through their cell phone or other handheld device. The VMS equipped with state of the art video editing software will create a video clip capturing few minutes of past recorded video and few minutes into future, after the click event. The VMS server then uploads the video clip to other server either premises based or in the cloud, for further observations by clinical experts. Currently we have a simple functional prototype of COTS based network connected camera, a simple browser based UI and a local VMS server, which creates, stores and lists the video clips generated as explained above. Following figure shows the overall system architecture of the final use case. In future we will use InstaGENI rack federated with GENI infrastructure to evaluate the trade-offs between local vs cloud storage and streaming, and to collect various measurements to verify with design goals.


Component Design

GraphViz image


  1. Prerequisites for review: (order does not matter)
    1. Configure video recording
      • mini-PC records video from camera via RTSP; saves in small (~5 sec) clips
        • networking admin details can be tricky (#2022)
    2. Establish relationship with provider via (#1618)
      1. Browse providers
        • ?? Request service of a provider. Provided it's granted...
      2. Authorize access to selected video segments
  2. Request review, e.g. using in-home mobile web app
    • mini-PC pushes to BI using their HTTP-based protocol


  1. Offer services via housecalls service
    • for later use cases: provide contact info for real-time-video
  • Alternatives to GDrive include:
    • Dropbox. pretty much analagous to GDrive
    • mydlink: but how do we authorize the Coach to look at a clip?
    • Amazon S3: we'd have to develop a consumer-level interface

See also ticket:1425#comment:5 for discussion with Shawn Vanevery at NYU.

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