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Initial tasks/thoughts


  • Meet the potential players at KUMC
    • Ryan Spaulding, Dave Cook - outreach and telemedicine
    • Reconvene the people who brainstormed about google before, Wednesday May 4th at 1pm. Invitees were:
      • Adib, John; med student?
      • Atkinson, Barbara: 6/7 Provided list of potential projects; Held call with Kevin/Jennifer? from Google. Discussed "Demo Day" concept. Follow-up call to be held week of 6/13.
      • Bingham, James; CIO for KUMC, ask him who on his team can discuss our current capacity and ideas wrt google. - Meeting scheduled for 6/9
      • Carlson, Brandon; student - List of ideas received 6/7
      • Chumley, Heidi (Med school education) - 6/8
      • Cook, David: 6/7 - Potential discussion with futurist; evaluate Second Life; consider a student contest; meet with Center for Health Informatics (Helen Connors)
      • Gebar, Shelley: Meeting scheduled for 6/9
      • Greiner, Allen; family medicine and community research will rural providers. Meeting scheduled for 6/13
      • Janovy, CJ (Public Affairs): 6/7 - Hold town halls for ideas; leverage "Google Health" brand
      • Kimminau, Kim; preventive medicine research wrt community: Meeting scheduled for 6/13
      • Nielsen, Marcia: Meeting scheduled for 6/10
      • Robbins, David: 6/8 - Meeting included Virginia Lewis. Have NIT grant for 2 yr. demo project that includes web-based training. Education on diabetes management. Highly interested in engaging.
      • Shaw, Pam: Meeting scheduled for 6/10
      • Spaulding, Ryan: Meeting scheduled for 6/10
      • Waitman, Russ - 6/6
      • who captured notes?
    • Greg Ator CMIO - might ask him or Russ could join about ideas from a KUH perspective
    • Chris Daley and Won Choi would be the Preventive Medicine Researchers working with Native Americans (Won scheduled for 6/14). Add Ed Ellerbeck, head of preventive medicine (scheduled for 6/9).
    • Jim Baxendale - Scheduled for 6/24
    • Rick Barohn and Lauren Aaronson (CTSA directors
  • Potential players in the KC region
    • Kaufmann foundation: Nick Seguin had been at the prior reception.
  • Potential players nationally mentioned by Mark Frisse FrisseNotes and get ideas
    • may want an advisory panel
    • Todd Park
    • Adam Bosworth
    • Mike Kienzle ( U of Iowa)
    • Michale Burcham (Vanderbilt business school)
    • Ken Mandl (Harvard)
    • David McCauley??
    • Danny Wizner - Department of Commerce?
    • Todd Fetherling, Nashville
    • Holly Jimison at OHSU, (Russ to email her, she's involved in home sensing and monitoring of the elderly).

What's been done before? International fiber to the home? What did they do or develop? Verizon fiber in DC? Look for where KUMC looks good to legislature and governor. Also wins for community and investigators. Characterize population we serve and what KUMC brings to a relationship.

  • can see how many people we serve of what type in the KC metropolitan area.


Deb Sullivan: 6/8 Potential project related to obesity/exercise for K-12. Discussed "Fuel Up to Play 60" (NFL) and Second Life. Should meet with Dave Antonucci/Stephanie? Gerald (?). Rosedale community has a grant through Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (Contact is Cheryl Gibson in Internal Medicine). Helen Connors: 6/9

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