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For a time, source:raven-j was maintained in Java. In the summer of 2011, when the primary developer moved on, Dan spent some time familiarizing himself with Java development tools, especially for web applications. lots of historical details moved to ticket:320#comment:17. See also #309, #510.

Eclipse and Maven

The alternatives are more elegant in some ways, but eventually, all roads lead back to:


jboss eclipse updates

JST Server Adapters 3.3.0.v201102200555-777HFHyCcNBDjBfJa4BA8

Version control with Mercurial

Unlike CVS, SVN, and Git, mercurial support is still outboard. The Stack Overflow consensus on mercurial and eclipse is MercurialEclipse (which seems to have HgEclipse merged back into it or something.)

MercurialEclipse? 1.8.2.v201107291920

some fidgity-ness about the Finish button not showing up...

yes, accept unsigned stuff (grumble).

"This project doesn't use MercurialEclipse? as a team provider."

bring up the team synchronize perspective; then the view menu; then choose synchronize

Quality Assurance Tools to try

Joe-E verifier exploration was fun.

todo: try these out:

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