Discussion regarding KUH Clinical Laboratory

January 31, 2011

  • Informatics: Dan and Russ
  • Lab: Lowell Tilzer, Chris Scarpino
  • KUMC/KUH: Greg Ator


  1. Demo for where we are.
  2. Discuss the benefit of LOINC coding , what I've done so far, and see if his department can assist with verifying my encoding and expanding the encoding for frequently ordered or important results.
  3. Obtain his or his department's guidance on converted labs
  4. Discuss/prioritize what data to load: path, micro, molecular diagnostics, etc.


Demonstrated current progress. Lowell's query Troponin + AMI.


Chris: Joy Jacobson will be a good contact regarding where this work aligns with Meaningful Use. But, right now mapping Labs to LOINC isn't on the radar of activity till the summer.

But, check with Cathy Yonkey regarding getting the local lab hierarchy from Epic. Lowell spent time with its organization.

Prioritizing Additional Data Loads

Check with Cathy regarding conversion labs.

For now, Microbiology benefits from Theradoc. Probably best other labs to focus on would be Pathology. Brooke Montgomery (technical) and Ossama Tawfik (clinical) would be the contacts.

Blood bank is a topic of interest for Dr. Tilzer and they have published on utilization. He would want to know location and ordering service for stratification. Deanne Stephens is the blood bank manager and could assist with questions regarding data importation.

So further order categories to bring in follow this priority:

  1. Conversion = 61 (see #200)
  2. Pathology = 58
  3. Blood Bank = 31
  4. Microbiology = 3
  5. evaluate Point of Care testing =26
  6. evaluate POC RT labs = 44

Side note on reporting: Sunquest LIS is moving from RDB for reports to Crystal Reports.

Follow up and post meeting discussion with Greg

  • Russ to schedule meeting with Cathy Yonkey, Greg Ator, Russ, Dan, and cc Kay Grasso to see if she is interested.
  • Russ to schedule meeting for pharmacy with Staci Hermann, Tim Welty, Greg, Russ, Dan and cc Brian O'Neal.
  • Russ to follow up with Judy on whether she scheduled time with Dawn Walters and Chris Wittkopp regarding nursing flowsheet data.

Note Quality discussion. Also problem list accuracy and update discussion. We also have capacity and bed turnover as research topics which may have high financial yield to KUH.

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