Discussion regarding the organization of Labs in Epic at KUH

February 11, 2011

  • Informatics: Dan and Russ
  • KUH: Cathy Yonkey and Delores Boring
  • KUMC/KUH: Greg Ator


  1. Introduction to the HERON project

  1. Finding the internal Epic representation of lab hierarchies.

  1. Any gotchas with conversion labs?

  1. Any advice regarding Pathology, Blood bank?


Discussion of how data flows from Epic to lab and back.

We have a two way interface for lab results with Sunquest. The parent order in Epic goes electronically to Sunquest and the Results come back into Epic tied to the parent order.

For pathology, it's one way. The orders go out but are a paper requisition in the lab. Data is entered in Copath and an electronic HL7 message comes back to Epic but it's very much an unstructured text report. As Chris Scarpino and Dr. Tilzer said, if we need structured path results, it's best to go against CoPath?.

Conversion labs should be represented in an accurate manner similar to the labs we've already loaded.

Lab Ontology at KUH

Russ provided an explanation of the work he did to map values to LOINC. Since it needs validation and there isn't a maintenance process in place yet at KUH for meaningful use, let's get the Epic representation of labs.

The master file area in Epic for organizing labs is LRR. We confirmed in our meeting that these structures are not exported to Clarity, though the basic components are exported into the CLARITY_COMPONENT. CLARITY_COMPONENT doesn't tell you the overall categories and subcategories are and which results belong in which group. Cathy mentioned Ali had run a report to provide this structure to her at times.


  • get another export from Ali of all the results in the following format:
    • component_id (example: 2002)
    • name (example: Potassium)
    • High level category (example: Chemistry)
    • subcategory (example: General Chemistry)
  • Dan will load that as a new KUH Laboratory Tests ontology in i2b2 (#311)
  • We will then coordinate with KUH O2 team that when we receive a montly copy of Epic Clarity, we can supplement the process to also include this spreadsheet so we are aware of any content changes in the lab result organization.
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