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HERON Medication Discussion

March 7, 2011

  • Staci Hermann - KUH Pharmacy
  • Pat Howard and Brian Barnes from School of Pharmacy
  • Russ Waitman and Dan Connolly KUMC Med Informatics
  • Greg Ator - CMIO

Staci confirmed again that FDB is their medication knowledge base. For certain hypotheses, keep in mind that the drug hierarchy in FDB picks the "first" drug class. This may lead to inaccuracy for multi purpose drugs and multi ingredient medications.

Staci just returned from Epic Clarity training and will be using it more for reporting. Previously, she mainly used Chronicles.

Timing: The "Willow" module: orders, pharmacy, MAR, and flowsheet all went live November 12, 2007. Physician Clin Doc was May 2009. CPOE November 2010. ENT will go live on Epic in its clinic on April 12, 2011.

Discussion with Brian and Pat: CPT is needed for many hypotheses where they are looking at post op procedure medication usage. Ex: nicardipine. In some cases, KUH has excellent microcosts where they can look at cost much more detailed than other institutions. Chuck Anderson and John Florio have helped provide data to examine costs of nicardipine in CABG patients (even though it's more expensive, it saves money in the long run)

Prioritizing med sources:

  • consensus was Administrations (MAR), home meds, discharge meds
    • note that MAC and the Cancer Center are treated as inpatient units so the MAR can be documented (also a bonus source of data for cancer research)
    • new UKP ambulatory clinics are going on an Ambulatory MAR (may live in a different place in Clarity).
  • for ambulatory, figure out where eprescribing lives.
  • also consider allergies.
  • no need for orders unless they can track down bulk charges for perioperative drug utilization.
  • data flows from Willow -> SMS -> charges
  • also consider looking at incorporating preference lists to organize data for clinical researchers in certain disciplines. They may know drugs by their common preference list choices.
  • ePrescribing in Epic doesn't yet incorporate PBM data from insurance plans.

April 3, 2012

After attending O2 training, Nathan had the following notes with regard to medications:

  • When placing medication orders, several options are presented (such as Print, Normal, Fax, etc). These appear to be coming from the clarity.zc_order_class table.
    • Russ had asked about the differences - Lindsay Silsby (trainer) wasn't able to clarify the significance of all of them, but she did say that "normal" defaults to the same action as "print" at KU.
    • She also confirmed that the order class "Historical" is indeed "home" medications (also referred to as Prior To Admission (PTA) medications). These historical medications are generally entered during the admission workflow, but can be modified at any time.
  • Only "orders" for medications were covered in this class - we have to take the "O2 Nurse" training to get the medication administration training (what we see in the clarity.IP_MAR view).

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