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RxNorm, VA Class work

main tickets are #1048, #1246

We build i2b2 hierarchy connections (black arrows) based on information from Epic clarity and RxNorm (blue/purple arrows, where purple signifies alternatives; i.e. either gcn_seqno or ndc code).

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Earlier (Nov 2011) Notes

A useful source is Epic Training companions for Clarity Summer 2009 CLR209 Inpatient chapter 6 and CLR205 Ambulatory Chapter 6.

On Epic userweb, another thing that may be useful is searching reports for shared clarity reports.

These reports require a crystal reports and you can download a 30 day trial at SAP

Attaching some sample reports which are kinda cryptic to figure out how to tease out the SQL.

Now with 1.6 we can exploit the modifier_cd column in observation fact. Need to think about which kinds of modifiers we want to use.

Classic examples from Harvard:

  • Dose
  • Route
  • Frequency

Consider adding the following

  • Total Dose Ordered (for the encounter)
  • Total Dose Administered (for the encounter)
  • Average Daily Dose Ordered(for the encounter)
  • Average Daily Dose Administered(for the encounter)
  • Type of Medication
    • Normal Order
    • Pharmacy Dispense
    • Inpatient or possibly Clinic administration
    • Infusion adjustment (bonus points for some linkage from medication order to the flowsheet)
    • Home medication (historical med?)
    • Outpatient prescription
    • dispense fill record from external pharmacy (PBM SureScripts.)
    • discharge medications
    • the closest version to this in clarity is the ORDER_CLASS_C which can be
  • Parent Medication order for a dispense
  • Parent Medication for an administration
  • PRN
    • PRN order given
  • potential to couple home med to normal order if explicit in Epic for going from home med to continuation during hospitalization or ED visit
  • potential to couple normal order to discharge medication list if explicit in Epic

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