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     3In August, we submitted and received in October a [ National Science Foundation] [ USIgnite] Global Environment for Network Innovations [ GENI] [ EAGER] Grant. 
     4- Current Participants: [ Dr. Russ Waitman], [ Dr. Kristi Williams], [ Dr. James Sterbenz], Steve Fennel, and Dan Connolly.
     6== Partner and Platform Evaluation ==
     8In milestone:dm-ignite-eval, we are evaluating potential partners for different components of the Dementia Caregiver Support Use Case described in greater detail on our [blog:2012/09/dimentia-monitoring-nsf blog item], which also links to the proposal. The main picture for the uses cases is shown below.
     10We've had excellent discussions with USIgnite leadership to identify potential partners for helping families coping with dementia.  These include:
     11- [ Behavioral Imaging Solutions] which is developing next generation technology for store and forward video capture as well as a cloud based solution deployed for the provider (right side) of the use case in the picture below.  Dr. Williams' current [ pilot] to help families caring for Alzheimer's patients has used their current technology offering where a web cam is coupled to a laptop.
     13- [ Juniper Networks] a corporate partner in USIgnite and producer of innovative network infrastructure.
     15- [ Mozilla Ignite] a partnership of the NSF with the Mozilla Foundation to establish an open innovation challenge for developers to tackle next generation applications that will exploit high bandwidth environments.  We've listed our [ application].
     17- [ Vidyo] who develops personal telepresence systems.  For example, they [ power] Google [ Hangouts].
     19- Some projects exploit new [ OpenFlow] approaches to networking as part of the [ GENI Rack] hardware platform.
     21- See also discussion with Shawn Vanevery at NYU in ticket:1425#comment:5
     25== Use Cases ==
     30See also: [blog:2012/09/dimentia-monitoring-nsf US-ignite grant announcement], milestone:dm-ignite-eval
     33== Design ==
     39== Notes from Jan 16, 2013 call ==
     41contract administrivia...
     43JS: Mohammed recovering from travel.
     45RS: competing stuff in Feb
     47=== Events, Presentations: Google, ... ===
     49event at google space Feb 11 11am to 1pm
     51RW: hacker house... we talked with them; not clear what will happen...
     54RW: I talked with ''missed'' at Alzheimers disease center; I'm giving a talk in the Apr/May timeframe. Apr 25.
     56=== Partners, Potential Collaborators ===
     58Steve reports BI MOU progress... BI expectation is that we engage later in the spring.
     60RW: CW, has he been in contact re next generation?
     62CW: Yes; ETA March.
     64CW: BI seemed ... HIPAA... I talked with Karen Blackwell about using an iPhone... about making sure iCloud is turned off etc.
     66RW: we'd like to treat the iPhone as patient equipment, not provider equipment, but I can see that from the perspective of evolving your prototype, it's part of the KUMC investigator's stuff.
     68CW: I talked with Shelly B... who does geriatric interdisciplinary (education?) as a potential for the simulation. As a telehealth (experience? experiment?). She's interested, but... later.
     70SF talked with ''another potential collaborator... missed it...''.
     72JS: do you know Osama Toffic ''sp?'' RW: yes. JS: Osama is interested in google fiber to move big images around. SF: it's not a fiber-to-the-home application. RW: Osama has done stuff with image exchange between radiologist and pathologist; maybe this is related. But Google doesn't have a commercial offering. SF: Google has been saying "soon" about a commercial offering. My impression was early 2013. JS: I'm copying my reply to all of you.
     74RW: CW, FYI, I've been talking about consulting with ''Gary?'' at Iowa about using the [[HERON]] approach in their informatics ''division?''.
     76=== Toward Amazon cloud hosting ===
     78RW: possibly relevant: we're working toward this.
     82== Background ==
     84InitialThoughts and ideation regarding the development of health related projects that might exploit the google fiber infrastructure.