This use case is largely complete as of milestone:heron-system-access and milestone:EpicBetai2b2.

Our story begins with Reese, a (hypothetical) professor at KU Med school, who has a rough idea about a research direction and would like to explore relevant patient populations.

  1. Russ recruits Reese to try out the system
    • while we're in alpha/beta mode, we don't expect large numbers of users to discover the site independently
  2. Reese visits the beta RAVEN portal site and logs in via the KUMC campus-wide single sign-on service (CAS). (#8)
  3. Reese follows the HERON link, executes the system access agreement (#84), and continues into the i2b2 web client.
    • The system gives access to the KUH/O2/Epic HospitalEpicSource project; we're handling access to the Hictr participant registry project manually, for now, until it's folded in (#155).
  4. Reese explores cohort identification queries. See screenshot for example. View-only access is allowed but logged for auditing by the DROC patient advocate (about which we should have another user story).
    • Results defining a population below 10 are described as <10. (#235)
    • what ontologies are required at this stage?
      • is manual ETL of UMLS sufficient at this stage?
      • Note enhanced zip code ranges #51
  1. When #314 is resolved, this will be more than just counting. They can actually see some details regarding the population such as timelines and histograms of the population distribution.

Regarding the patient advocate auditing story...

  • investigate how the user's queries are logged. What information can be retrieved from either logs or from the actual Oracle DB? Oracle:
    select *
    where user_id like 'rwaitman' 
    order by create_date
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