Notes from discussion with Ed Ellerbeck and Russ Waitman June 7, 2010:

Aim 4 is where the innovation is located. We become an operational center for health informatics research Could establish a health informatics user group with his researchers, Alan Greiner, rural practices, and KFMC REC to figure out how we integrate best practices into their environments. Kim Englemann, Telemedicine, Kim Richter.

  • Web hand held tools for colorectal cancer screening
  • Using integrated health education tools. (Judy: linkage to Kansas Health Online and the library?)
  • For many of these activities now, patient identification is ad-hoc. If we could partner with REC, identify common EMRs, we could really build a platform
  • Currently they have patients use their tools to self report data and then drive interventions.
  • Smoking cessation recommendations tuned by insurance coverage is Ed and Kims area

What’s the value of KUH/UKP to Ed?

  • He’d pilot things here but continue to most of his work in rural health and rural access hospitals

o Outpatient practices specifically

  • KUMC/KUH/UKP is a necessary but insufficient step

o Mainly allows testing of novel interventions

Ed’s group has had 10 years of contractual relationships with KFMC, the QIO and now the REC. We’d want to scope this so it’s not too ambitious. Really state that we will provide a linkage for researchers and start to develop a capability.

  • FTE needed. Would do the work of pulling data from common EMRS. Also build web interventions or have CRIS do that.

KFMC – Donna Gardwood shes now the HIT educator for REC Mike Aldridge is the program manager for the REC Scott Bars is the HIT manager for the REC Would want to look at what rural practices are going to track as meaningful use critieria. That’s going to drive the REC activity around quality

They, the REC, would likely know for the practices that sign up to use them, what EMR are adopted eMDs, eClinicalWorks and PracticePartners? currently have the most penetration in small practices. For larger practices NextGen? and EPIC appear.

Input from Marci Nielsen: KUMC Outreach office has a good relationship with the rest of the state which may actually be more positive than REC, which is also the Medicare QIO, which may have a strained relationship with some providers. What is the cross over with the CPH section? What are the “informatics” ish things we need to bring in with the telemedicine as more of a black box solution? Are we seeing the augmentation of clinical data in conjunction with telemedicine as a visualization service?

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