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     3Login to your: [ REDCap Study Database]
     5[ REDCap Video Resources]
     7== '''What is REDCap Database?''' ==
     8REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based application designed exclusively to support data capture for research studies.
     10REDCap provides:
     12 1. an intuitive interface for data entry (with data validation)
     14 2. audit trails for tracking data manipulation and export procedures
     16 3. automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to common statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R)
     18 4. procedures for importing data from external sources
     20 5. advanced features, such as branching logic and calculated fields.
     22The REDCap project ( was developed by Vanderbilt University and includes more than 100 active institutional partners.  It supports two web-based applications (REDCap and REDCap Survey) designed exclusively to support data capture for research studies.  Currently over 1,000 studies spanning numerous research areas utilize REDCap.
     24Through the Division of Biostatistics, Department of Biostatistics, consultation is offered to the researcher to determine if a REDCap database is appropriate for the researchers study.
     26== '''A brief description of the REDCap Database Creation Process''' ==
     27'''STEP 1. LEARN '''
     29Submit a [ consultation request] to learn more about REDCap. Once your meeting is scheduled this will be a face to face between an informatics staff member(s) and the investigator and his/her staff.  The meeting centers around the timeline and data requirements for the study.
     31'''STEP 2. DEFINE '''
     33After the meeting, the investigator and his/her staff define their data variables and their properties
     35'''STEP 3. CREATE '''
     37The investigator and his/her staff create their REDCap database online as you go or upload the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Any questions or concerns should be directed to KUMC REDCap Support (
     39'''STEP 4. PREVIEW '''
     41Preview your REDCap database or REDCap Survey content online, add study member(s) permissions and test functionality.
     43'''STEP 5. REVISE '''
     45Revise your REDCap database or REDCap Survey if any changes are needed.
     47'''STEP 6. LAUNCH '''
     49After review by our team your REDCap database or REDCap Survey will be launched into production. The investigator and his/her staff are now able to enter the necessary data for their study.
     51'''Division of Informatics '''|